Kick Start Your Day

House made Granola (gf, df option) $15

Assorted honey roasted nuts, finished with berry compote, seasonal fruit, drizzled with yogurt.

Milk of your choice / Almond / Soy

Eggs your way (Veg, gf option) $14

Choose from poached / scrambled/ fried with your choice of toast ciabatta / 5 grain / gluten free.

Add bacon $19
Add smoked salmon $21

Fresh Toasted Bagel $14

Choose from two styles:
  - Lemon cheese cake bagel with lemon curd and cream cheese
  - Anti-pesto bagel, ploughman's style and paprika butter with red pepper couli.

Add Bacon $19

Banana Bread (veg, df, gf) $20

Served with whipped coconut cream, banana, roasted walnuts, slated caramel sauce finished with seasonal fruit salad

Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder - veg option, gf option $18

Tender chicken pieces cooked in creamy soup with added spring onion and corn, served with crunchy ciabatta

INC Grill $28

Eggs your way, streaky bacon, creamy mushrooms, herbed tomato, crunchy hash browns, cheesy kransky sausages, toasted ciabatta, INC mince bowl and house made tomato relish

1/2 Grill $19

Eggs your way, streaky bacon, creamy mushrooms, herbed tomato, hash brown, cheesy kransky sausage and toasted Ciabatta

Creamy Balsamic Mushrooms (veg, gf option) $20

Creamy roasted balsamic mushrooms served with ciabatta.

Add bacon $25
Add cheesy kransky sausage $25
Add hash browns $24

INC Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict with Mushrroms & Tomatoes (gf option) $22

Soft poached eggs with served with ciabatta, home made hollandaise, bacon finished with baby spinach.

Eggs Benedict with Bacon (veg, gf option) $22

Soft poached eggs with served with ciabatta, home made hollandaise, grilled mushrooms, herb roasted tomatoes, guacamole finished with baby spinach.

Eggs Benedict with Salmon (gf option) $24

Soft poached eggs with served with ciabatta, home made hollandaise, smoked salmon finished with baby spinach.


Choose 1 Side for $6.50   -   2 for $12   -   3 For $18   -   4 for $22

  • Hash browns
  • Eggs your way
  • Streaky bacon
  • Creamy mushrooms
  • Herbed tomato
  • INC Mince bowl
  • Kransky sausages
  • Toasted ciabatta
  • Toasted 5grain
  • Herbed potato rosti
  • Fresh 'or' wilted spinach
  • Gluten free toast


INC Beef Nachos (gf) $18

Spicy beef & beans, tomato corn chips, house made corn salsa, grilled cheese, sweet chilli and nished with sour cream

Chefs choice Kebab skewers (gf) $19

Served with polenta chips, dipping sauce and your choice of fresh salad from the cabinet

Shoestring fries $9

Served with aioli and tomato sauce

SHORT STUFF – for younger INC members

$12 or $15 with a chocolate brownie sundae

Fried Chicken (gf)

Served with shoestring fries and tomato sauce

Kids Waffles (gf)

Grilled cheesy, tomato waffle and fries 'OR' Banana chocolate chip waffle with strawberry sauce

Mini Breaky

Toasted ciabatta, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, hash brown and tomato sauce

Waffle House (gf) $19

See menu for our waffle of the week

Fried Chicken Waffles (gf)

Fried chicken served with smoky cheddar & chilli lime, finished with caramel sauce

Sweet Corn and Bacon Waffles (gf)

Streaky bacon served with home made corn salsa, sweet chilli finished with aioli and sour cream

Chocolate Chip Waffles (gf)

Chocolate chips served with lemon curd, berry couli, finished with toasted coconut and whipped cream

Apple Crumble Waffles (gf)

Cinnamon apples served with custard, vanilla ice cream finished with crumble

Signature Burgers

(Gluten free buns available)

Fully Loaded Burger (gf, df option) $25

Served with beef, bacon, egg, smoked cheddar cheese, crunchy slaw, beetroot, BBQ sauce, aioli finished with shoestring fries

Fat Porker Burger (gf, df option) $25

Served with Asian pulled pork, crunchy slaw, shallots, finished with shoestring fries

Big Bird (gf, df option) $25

Served with fried chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, crunchy slaw, jalapeno chutney, aioli, finished with shoestring fries

Vege Tower (gf, veg, v, df option) $25

Served with corn patty, grilled tomato, beetroot, guacamole, crunchy slaw, finished with shoestring fries


Smoothie Corner Magic. $8.5

Smoothies all served with Mango and Apple fruit pulp (gf, df)

  • Berry backflip: All the Berries starting with B
  • Summer Fling: For those summer memories including.. Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Mint
  • Vitamin C blast: For a hit of the good stuff.. Strawberry, Orange and Carrot
  • Green is the new black: You need to be seen with Green.. Orange, Carrot, Pineapple, Spinach
  • Just beat it: beets, raspberries, mango, ginger, turmeric, pineapple

Blended Drinks $8

All served with a mountain of goodness'(Cream) (gf)

  • Iced Chocolate
  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Mocha
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Strawberry Milkshake